Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 106

I was thinking today about some common cliched sayings and how often we say them without really considering what they mean. 

"It's the thought that counts" - my question with this is, does it really? What if (using an exaggerated example) you only thought of helping a little old man across the street? But didn't and he was hit by a car? 

Then to contrast this… "Actions speak louder than words." This I agree with, but contradicts the above saying. And quite often no words are necessary if you do something nice. 

They are the two specific ones that I was thinking about today. But what interests me, is how frequently we say something without really thinking about it. 'She'll be right mate", "Don't worry, Be Happy", "Raining cats and dogs", "Fit as a Fiddle", "A friend of yours is a friend of mine". I'm sure there  are many others.

A lot of these sayings are outdated, yet still said so frequently nowadays. Perhaps we should watch what we say, and make sure we really mean what we say…or better yet think of some newer, more modern sayings that are relevant to today. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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