Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 116

Feedback. We all feel we can give it quite easily. We all struggle to take it at times. But secretly we want to know what other people are thinking about us. 

I think constructive feedback is very useful in being able to grow as a person and develop in whatever you're doing. However, when you are a perfectionist and are hard on yourself - like me - hearing any feedback no matter how constructive will have it racing around and around in your head. And thinking about how you could of phrased something better, or performed better or spoken better. Then when you hear the feedback - it's almost like your worst dreams realised! Damn! I didn't to a perfect job. 

Of course you didn't! I mean really, were you born with all of the skills and abilities needed for absolutely any task? Nope! So feedback is an important way of growing and developing. How do you accept feedback and be able to adapt, change and move forward? Once you have mastered this you will be able to be much happier and stop beating yourself up. It will give you the ability to provide constructive feedback to others. 

How you phase the feedback you are wanting to give is so important so it does not seem to be an attack or a stab at someone. So be kind with your words, choose them carefully and only provide constructive feedback. Then when you receive it back, you can take it for what it is, choose whether or not it is helpful and then choose to do things differently next time. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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