Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 111

Appreciating what you have done, instead of beating yourself up for that which you haven't. 

An awesome thing to live by! :) A big challenge in this day and age as we are not use to being ok with not completing all that is on your to-do list. 

Do you know the best thing that I have learnt about helping you through this? Is to surround yourself with like-minded, positive, people who an help keep you on track. My best friend (it's our 10year anniversary this year) is fantastic at pulling me up when I start to get wound up at not having done what I need to. She helps to ground me. 

I want to write about how grateful I am for the amazing friendships and relationships I have in my life. Every person has a huge impact on my life and holds a special place in my heart. My bestie is always there for me on the phone, and in person when we can, she helps calm me when I get all crazy, we can talk for hours about everything and nothing, she makes me laugh and try things I wouldn't of done before, she is so supportive of everything I do, she is one in a million and will always be special to me, and I'll love her to bits!

Most people are blessed with someone like this in their lives. And we should often take the time to thank them and celebrate our friendships! I know that I have many good friends in my life that all contribute differently on my life. Some are work friends, who you can debrief to. Some are ones you can have a few wines with. Some are exercise buddies. Some you know you can rely on to drive you home if your car has broken down. Some are there for the good times. Some make you wet yourself laughing. Some help to ground you...

You should be appreciative of every relationship you have in your life at the moment - regardless of if it is a short one, long one, someone you know from gym, school, work, cafe etc. For we often forget to thank them for being in our lives. A thank you, or a hug, or smile, or flowers, or box of chocolates can make a huge impact on someone else. Especially if it's not expected! 

Who are you grateful to have in your life? How will you thank them? 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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