Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 108

This week has been a bit haphazard I admit with regards to my blog..I've been sick with a sinus infection, so the days have been a bit of a blur!! But I do have some positive news. I went to my specialist to get the 'radioactive' results. I definitely had an injury to my foot, and my knee injury was quite a bit more complex than just a 'chipped tibia'. 

Verdict from the day is I am to continue on the nerve drugs for a little bit longer (about 2 more months) to continue to fix the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. As it is having a big effect on my foot so far, no more scans as yet…if I continue to experience pain, we'll need more scans next visit. My knee…has a healing chip, plus a stress fracture, and the ligament attaching to the tibia was also bone bruising. 

I was told that had my injures been treated correctly (foot in boot, knee in brace and on crutches) initially by now I would be all healed. Frustrating, hey?! But have to let it go, as there is nothing I can do about that now! Now I can focus on moving forward from here. I need to hire an ultrasound machine and use it on my knee once a day for a month. 

So when I posed the most important question of all "when can I run again?!" Her reply was: "Sooner than you think". And preceded to tell me a plan of action re: training and rebuilding strength. I was soooo excited!! I forgot briefly about all of the other stuff that I still have to work at and do, before I do get to that point!!

I think though, had I have not gone through this arduous journey of figuring out what is wrong, I would never have learnt to be assertive and fight for myself. So much of my life I have spent just letting things go, when really I would of liked to investigate them further. For the first (and definitely not the last) time in my life I trusted that inner feeling and pursued what I thought I needed. And it was right! 

That saying 'fight for what you believe in' is a perfect quote for fighting for yourself. If you are not happy in one area of your life - for one reason or another, don't just 'let it go' but fight for the answers YOU need. And don't let anyone deter you from finding those either. Don't stop searching until you have found what you are looking for. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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