Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 112

I was sitting in a beauty salon / hairdressing waiting room yesterday. And I overheard conversation that the hairdressing owner was having with a client while he was cutting her hair. (It's an entertaining time to do whilst you're waiting!!) He was discussing a previous client and her daughter that came in. Apparently they returned back the next day and complained about the coverage of colour in their hair. He continued to go on and on about it - exclaiming that the daughter wanted her hair like one of the Kardashians. To which he replied "if you want to pay as much as they do for their hair then we'll give you their level of service". 

I was not very subtly staring at him, thinking that it wasn't professional to be discussing or complaining about one client to another. And that he said it with blatant disregard as to who else was in the salon. I could of been a sister or friend of who they were discussing. I was appalled actually how he conducted himself and I definitely would think twice about returning there for a haircut - what would they say about me??!!

This is an interesting example of the different types of people in the world, and how if you are not careful they will creep into your life and you will find yourself sinking down into their level of negativity, unprofessionalism and complaining attitude. It's so important to choose carefully the type of people that surround you - for that is who you will become. Who is surrounding you at the moment? Is that who you would like to be like? 

The other take-away from this interaction was to be careful with your words, and if you do need to have a little vent - that you are careful where and to whom you talk to. Words have the strength to build up someone or tear them down just as quickly. And if you say it often enough - you and others will begin to believe it. So choose your words wisely. 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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