Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 104

I helped celebrate my Best Friends 30th Birthday tonight! How awesome is it to go to something that is entirely designed to appreciate someone? We went for dinner, then to a movie, then out to Max Brenner for a chocolate fix (I of course had a tea…!). A beautiful and very like her birthday celebration! 

Which got me onto thinking. How different everyone is. I was thinking about my 30th (coming up in January) and how I'm going to have a day/night birthday filled with fun and festivities. I LOVE birthdays and Christmas! I love being able to give and celebrate someone else's impact on your life. But not everyone is like that - they would sooner have the day go past unnoticed. Although I do wonder if that is entirely true..we all like to be recognised and appreciated at times, maybe just on a smaller scale. 

What do you do for your birthday? Do you use the time to reflect on the past year? Your achievements? Your gratefuls? Do you set goals for the coming year? Do you appreciate your day of birth? Well ironically enough without it, you wouldn't be here at all would you?! 

I have learnt (particularly over the last few months) is that not everyone is as excited and child-like in their love of celebrating things as I am. And that's cool, so long as you know when it is your birthday and you are friends with me, I will go all-out!! 

The other thing I find fascinating about birthdays is the reluctance of people to say how old they are. Shouldn't we be proud that we have lived on the earth for as long as we have? Age should be seen as a privilege not as a bad thing. And that age old (haha good pun!!) saying "You're only as old as you feel". 

The interesting thing about this is that as we get older and wiser we seem to take the weight and worry of the world on our shoulders. This is our CHOICE. We can continue to lead lives that are worry-free and happy. I think as you get older though for some reason the 'easy way' is to worry, complain, wish for something different, loose your 'dream'…instead of working at being happy, letting go of things that don't work, changing things if you need to and dreaming BIG! And the reality is, being 'happy' and 'carefree' as an adult is work. It's not something that most people are able to do without thought, at least initially. 

So…on your next birthday, celebrate your life so far the way YOU want to. Practice dreaming and writing down your goals, and LOVE the fact that you have made it this far already!! (A lot of people in the world won't!) Accept gifts from crazy-excitable friends who love birthdays, even if you don't. Be appreciative of what the world has to offer. And lead the life you've always wanted to…be BRAVE and JUST DO IT!!

…Until Tomorrow xox

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