Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 113

I am lucky to have met someone very special. It's all new and exciting and fun! We had a discussion today about if we believe in destiny and soul mates. It was such an interesting conversation, because everyone has different views on everything. 

I am (especially after my accident) a firm believer in things happen for a reason. Whether they are previously mapped out for you in a long term path, I'm not entirely convinced. I think anything worth continuing to have needs work to be put into it. So the 'happily ever after' concept to me becomes a 'happily ever after…with some work'. 

It's funny because we met online. I say that it's funny because even though I was giving it a go online I was skeptical about whether there were 'normal' (or my type of crazy) guys on there, or if they were all a bit wacko. Then we started talking..and we went on a magical date. And for those that have been reading my blog, you understand that I am a romantic and have been waiting for the right 'disney' man to sweep me off my feet! This date was just that - amazing and special. We hit it off right away. When I left, I had felt like I had actually known him for years!

We've been seeing each other for a bit now, and when we were talking tonight about 'soul mates' I got onto thinking about the fact that I think that you never have ONE soul mate in your life. That you may have one or two - in different contexts such as a friend and a relationship. I am so lucky to have one already in my life (my best friend)..and may of just met another one! 

The whole concept of you attract what you put out is so true. Had we have met before the accident, I wouldn't of been willing to accept that this was real. Now after the accident I realise that I am worthy, happy and a positive person - and THAT is what I need in my life, and that is what I have attracted. 

I talk a lot about being positive and being careful with your words, and practicing loving yourself for who you are. If you practice it enough, and start to believe it - the rest will fall into place. So…I believe there is a special person out there for everyone, how you cross paths and what you do and where you both live - is an exciting new venture and something no one will know until it happens.

"Never close a door before you open it." Megs 

…Until Tomorrow xox

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